20T/24hrs flake ice machine
Model: SDAF-20TR2






External dimensions:3300*2100*2200mm




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Machine Operation Principle

The flake ice machine is mainly composed of compressor, expansion valve, condenser, and evaporator, forming a circulating closed refrigeration system. The evaporator of the flake ice machine is a vertical drum-like structure, which is mainly composed of ice scraper, main shaft, water sprinkler, and water receiving tray. Driven by the reducer, they slowly rotate counterclockwise. Water enters the water distributing pan from the water inlet of the evaporator, then the water is evenly sprinkled on the inner wall of the evaporator through the sprinkler to form a water film. The water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant running in the evaporator flow channel. As the temperature is rapidly reduced, a thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. Then the ice scraper comes and squeezes the layer of ice into pieces of ice flakes. Ice flakes fall down to ice storage bin. Part of the non-icing water is returned from the water receiving tray to the water tank through  backwater inlet, and enters the next cycle through the water circulation pump.

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  Flake Ice Machine Features

1. Independent production and design of flake ice evaporator. The evaporator is designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel standard, which is sturdy, safe and reliable with zero leakage. Direct low temperature continuous ice formation. Low temperature ice.High efficiency.

2. The complete machine has passed the international CE and SGS certification for guarantee.

3. Fully automatic control. For possible failure of the flake ice machine, such as voltage phase loss, overload, water shortage, full ice, low voltage and high voltage, it will automatically stop and alarm to ensure the stable operation.

4. Use first-line brand refrigeration accessories: Germany Bizer, Denmark Danfoss, American Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell, Italy Refcomp and other well-known compressors; Danfoss solenoid valves, expansion valves and drying filters;Emerson refrigeration accessories such as valves.  Machines are qualified  with  reliability, low failure rate, and high ice-making efficiency.

5. The ice storage cabinet is made of stainless steel and filled with insulation material to ensure that the ice does not melt for 24 hours.

6. 18 months warranty. Lifetime technical support.

7. The company has many years of design and production experience. The machine can be customized to meet customer requirements such as materials, refrigeration accessories and condensing modes.

Application field

The flake ice machine is widely used in aquatic preservation, food processing, meat processing, fresh supermarket, fishery production, cold chain logistics, medical research, chemical printing and dyeing, and concrete cooling and other industries.

1. Aquatic product processing and freshness. Flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing media, washing water and aquatic products to prevent the growth of bacteria, and keep the freshness during the processing of aquatic products.

2. Meat products processing and fresh-keeping. Hygienic standard flake ice can cool and keep fresh of the meat by mixing and stirring the ice with the meat.

3. Food processing and preservation. For example, in the production of bread,  when stirring or twice creaming, adding flake ice can quickly reduce the temperature to prevent fermentation.

4. Fresh supermarket. Flake ice is used for the fresh keeping of aquatic product during display and packaging.

5. Long-distance transportation of products that require cooling and freshness: Cold chain logistics, ocean fishing, vegetable transportation

6. Chemical printing and dyeing, medicine, scientific laboratory and other industries.

7. Concrete cooling field.Flake ice is used in concrete cooling field by adding flake ice to control temperature of concrete pouring and transportation, especially in large concrete pouring field in hot weather.

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